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*There will be 4.25% fee added to all dues paid via PayPal to cover any fees*
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Please mail checks payable to Rotary Club of Ebensburg to: P.O. Box 231

Rotary Club of Ebensburg Membership Dues Policy

All members of the Rotary Club of Ebensburg are required to pay semi-annual membership dues to keep their membership active, as well as to attend meetings and/or participate in club activities. 
  • Individual Membership- $180/year
  • Corporate Membership- $180/year (allows up to (3) representatives from one company/organization) 
  • Senior Retired Membership $130/year
The dues consist of the following components:
            International    $ 37.47
            District              $ 25.00
            Local                 $ 27.53
                                      $90.00 billed semi-annually   
The Rotary Club of Ebensburg uses our share of the membership dues to pay for operating expenses of the club including speaker lunches, website fees, postage, President’s Night expenses for awards, etc.
Members must pay their dues on time.  The treasurer will bill each member semiannually by May 1st and November 1st.  Monies must be received by June 1st and December 1st, otherwise your membership will be terminated.  
The Rotary Club of Ebensburg then pays the total dues per member to International and District semi-annually by January 1 and July 1 of each year. If dues are not paid on time by the members, the club is required to pay and doesn’t get a refund.
Because we all volunteer our time, please make every effort to expedite the invoices to your organization if approval is needed for payment.  This will be greatly appreciated by our treasurer.

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