The Benefits of Rotary; Membership in the Rotary Club of Ebensburg provides the opportunity to:

  •   Become connected to our community
  •   Work with others in addressing community, national and international needs
  •   Interact with other professionals in our community
  •   Establish contacts with an international network of professionals
  •   Develop leadership skills
  •   Involve family in service efforts
  •   Make and impact upon all mankind through humanitarian service



Active Members

Steve Barber

Melissa Beck

Alyssa Bodenschatz

Frederick Creany

Rev. Chuck Davis

Becky Deyulis

Andrea Everetts

Jeff Homady

John Houser

Cathy Inzana

Ronald Kikta

Barbara Kirby

Donald Kirsch

Melissa Knox

Christina Koren

Jeff Kuncelman

Christine Kutchman

Lisa Lecorchick

Chris Lucas

Dr. John Mastillo

Mildred Mandichak

Fremont McKenrick

Carol Myers

David Risaliti

Brian Shrift

Koren Woy-Smith

Janet Smithbower

Suzanne Stevens

Allison Stockley

James Stratton

Philip Sutton



Become a Member

Please join us for lunch on Tuesday at noon and learn who we are and what we do as the Rotary Club of Ebensburg.  New members need to be proposed by a current member in good standing and be willing to share their talents.


  • Club Participation
    There are many opportunities to serve your local community and Rotary International through club functions, activities, fundraising events and service projects.
  • Ethical Standards
    Members are expected to maintain high ethical standards in both their professional and personal lives. Additionally members are expected to work and live by the “Rotary Four Way Test” which states:  Of all the things we say and do, 1. Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
  • Meeting Attendance
    We meet every Tuesday at noon at The Cottage Restaurant in Ebensburg.  Our meeting typically last one hour and members should attempt to attend no less than 50% of meetings.  If you travel, you are welcome to “make up” a meeting at another club.  Those locations can be found at under club locator.  The importance of regular attendance cannot be overstressed.  Members have an obligation to get to know their fellow members and to let fellow members get to know them.  A club of committed members with excellent fellowship can achieve wonderful things together.

What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Many membership requirements are designed to help club members more fully participate in and enjoy their Rotary experience.